Project Description

Teacher Home Visits

When a patient is not well enough to attend our educational center, Kochavim coordinates teacher home visits. Even while homebound, children can continue to enjoy the educational stimulation and keep pace with their curriculum.

Household Help

  • Who will prepare supper while I take my child to treatment?

  • Who will greet my other children as they come off their school buses?

  • How will I keep on top of laundry, if I am in the hospital every spare moment?

A dedicated cadre of Kochavim members assist families with supper, bedtime routines, and laundry, helping exhausted parents maintain their households.

Scent of Home

After hours spent inhaling the antiseptic smells of the hospital ward, families are treated to the scent of home when they receive home cooked meals, coordinated, and delivered by Kochavim Team.






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