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Which child wouldn’t delight in a day off from school, eagerly seizing the slightest sniffle as an excuse to escape the confines of his classroom? Which child doesn’t dream of lounging lazily at home all day, while her friends pore over their textbooks in school?

Let us introduce you to this child: a seriously ill and immunocompromised child who can only dream of learning
in a classroom setting. A child whose health is too fragile for a standard school. A child who is thirsty for stimulation, interaction, and – most of all – normalcy. Yes, this child dreams of school… and at the Kochavim Star Center, his dreams come true.

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Our unique educational program addresses a crushing, hidden side effect of pediatric illness. The formative years of childhood are when a child develops socially, emotionally, academically and behaviorally. A child who is a patient in his or her early years loses out on crucial years of fundamental development. To combat this effect, Kochavim innovated a unique solution: educational programs for pediatric patients.

Star Learning Center

The Star Learning Center is an educational center for seriously ill and immunocompromised children. We provide a sterile environment where preschool children can learn, socialize, and engage. Our professional and dedicated teachers, immersive curriculum, and enriching materials ensure that a seriously ill child’s social and cognitive development do not stagnate.


Preschool patients thrive in our unique classroom: in fact, prominent pediatric oncologists have marveled at the marked impact that participation in Kochavim Star Center has on their patients’ overall wellbeing. While their everyday lingo includes ports and pricks, IV drips and transfusions, in Kochavim’s classroom these preschoolers can be normal children. They can enjoy finger painting instead of finger pricks; they can be stimulated rather than distracted. Their curiosity, social skills, and cognitive development can be nurtured healthily, rather than being stunted by the confines of pediatric illness.

5+ Center

 Elementary school children are paired with individual tutors. These dedicated, specialized teachers
partner with their teachers to help students remain on par with their grade level. These learning sessions at
our center do more than ensure that pediatric patients keep pace academically: they develop, stimulate, and
engage the children’s minds, nurturing their health in a most crucial way.






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