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Kochavim – Advocacy

A child’s illness involves a daunting amount of administrative processes and communication. But when their child is seriously ill, parents have no head-space to navigate New York’s Board of Education and school services. These networking tangles, difficult to unravel on a regular day, are especially overwhelming for these families. Cue Kochavim’s Advocacy Services:

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Services We Offer

Student Educational Advocacy

Our Student Educational Advocacy program helps families obtain necessary services from the Board of Education. The miles of red tape, tedious phone call runarounds, and copious forms are handled efficiently and expertly by Kochavim staff.

Office Center

Our Office Center provides a convenient location equipped with a computer, printer, scanner and fax machine, available for families to use as they process necessary paperwork.

Call Center

Our Call Center offers families a number that they can call with any questions they may encounter throughout the course of their child’s treatment. While fielding inquiries that range from complex to mundane, Kochavim’s Call Center lets families know that help is always just a phone call away. We also retain a Hebrew speaking secretary to better assist Israeli families.

School Placement

When an entire family relocates for treatment, our School Placement service helps families from abroad settle their children in appropriate schools. We network extensively to ensure that each child is accepted by and integrated in a school that is suitable for their background and academic level.

Post-Treatment Advocacy

When children are well enough to return to school, they encounter yet another imposing hurdle: reintegration. After missing months of school for treatment, it is nearly impossible for children to just ‘pick up where they left off’ – both academically and socially. Our specially trained advocates work alongside teachers and principals to provide support and practical, strategic guidance for the child’s reintegration.






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